Be part of the biggest story never told!

Thank you for watching this concept trailer.

We are currently in pre-production of this exciting new film series, and we can’t wait! 

Our goal is to produce four feature films based on the Annunaki, each following chronologically from the other. The four films will span from about 450,000BC right up to about 3,000BC. 

The opportunity for expansion beyond the original four films is tremendous. There is a huge amount of material that we can draw from, and many spin-off films or TV shows could evolve from the first four features. 

Because the film’s story is unique and has never had a film made about it, we would like to make sure it gets filmed the way we want. Yes, some people will just see this as a SCI-FI film and that's fine; there are many films that have hinted to the Anunnaki, such as Prometheus, Gods of Egypt, X-Men Apocalypse, and so on. There are plenty of common entertaining themes such as love, revenge, and power. However, due to our extensive research, we have a unique angle: we want to bring our hidden history to the mainstream. If it encourages people to question what they believe, or how information on our past is shaped, as well as entertain, then we have done our job well! 

We are currently looking for finance / distributors.